DMM Pivot Belay Device

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The Pivot belay device delivers confident belaying and effective stopping power whether used in guide mode, or belaying from the waist.

Guide plates have traditionally been difficult to operate when lowering seconds. The Pivot's shackle reduces the force needed to initiate lowering, increasing control of the speed at which you lower your second.

  • The Pivot is a high performance belay device featuring an innovative pivot system that allows greater control and safety when lowering a climber in guide mode.
  • When belaying in guide mode the unique pivot system reduces the distance between the pivot point (red dot) and the load (blue dot). Typical pivot point of a standard belay device in guide mode (green dot) 
  • This reduces the force needed to release and lower a climber meaning safer, more controlled lowering.          
  • Recommended use with the Rhino carabiner for smooth action
  • Specially designed carabiner cavity for guide mode release
  • Optimised rope slots make the Pivot suitable for a wide variety of ropes.
  • Rope Diameter: half/twin: 7.3mm-9.2mm | single: 8.7mm-11mm