Toad & Co. Men's Dually Long-Sleeved Shirt

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When it comes to flannel, you want as much chamois–soft awesomeness as you can get. So our Dually Shirt doubly delivers. It’s a two–layer flannel that’s interwoven for structure yet surprisingly lightweight. The weave shows plaid on the outside and micro–stripes on the inside (a cool feature when you roll up your sleeves).


  • Two—layer flannel
  • Button—through patched—on chest pockets Curved hem
  • Curved hem
  • 30" length
  • Machine wash cold, tumble dry low

Fabric: Dually Flannel

Fabric Content: 100% Organic Cotton

Too much of a good thing is a great thing. Take flannel, double it but keep the combo surprisingly lightweight. Baby soft plaid on the outside and compact mini-stripe on the inside. This flannel is always ready to pull its weight.